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Discover below our range of dishes.

Il Gattamelata also offers an extensive wine list in which you will find prestigious local wines, such as Sagrantino, al Barolo, al Passito di Pantelleria and many more, to go well with any dish.

And why not follow your meal with a coffee or liqueur.

We offer the richest and most aromatic blends accompanied by high quality liqueurs such as grappa, grappa barricata, scotch, cognac, anything that a true connoisseur could wish for.


Our local suggestion 


Tasty appetizer of supplì (fried rice balls) 

and crispy zucchini blossoms (allergens; garlic)


Main Course

Little bread gnocchi whit traditional sauce

(allergens contained;pepper,dairy products,garlic,spices)

€ 8.00

Second Course 

"Panzanella" (Tomato and bread salad)

(allergens contained; Tuna,pepper,dairy products, spices)



Creamed potato tart with mountain prosciutto and truffle shavings 
(allergens; butter, flour, eggs, milk, cheese)

Duck carpaccio with rocket and parmesan shavings 
(allergens; cheese)

Barley and truffle salad with a traditional Reggiano wafer 
(allergens; barley, dairy)

Poached egg with truffles on a Taleggio cheese and saffron fondue 
(allergens; eggs, dairy, butter)

Selection of cold meats from Umbrian pork 
(allergens; various spices, garlic)

Barbazza all'aceto e salvia, a traditional dish flavoured with vinegar and salt 
(allergens; various spices, garlic)

First Courses

Orecchiette with Pachino beans and pecorino cheese 
(allergens; beans, dairy, pepper)

Spaghetti alla Checca 
(allergens; garlic, pepper, tomato, dairy, basil)

Chianina beef tortelloni with a tomato, thyme and salted Norcia ricotta sauce 
(allergens; dairy, pepper, eggs, flour, tomato, thyme)

Manfricoli alla carbonaretta 
(allergens; eggs, cheese, fresh cream)

Umbricelli with asparagus stems and pecorino cheese 
(allergens; eggs, various spices, dairy, pepper)

Second Courses and Sides

Citrus fruit duck carpaccio and balsamic vinegar         


Cuscinetto della Valnerina
(Cuscinetto filled with black grana and black truffle cooked in frying pan)


Carrè d’agnello
(with aromatic herbs and black Umbrian truffles )


Beef Tagliata 
(salt and oil)

Tagliata with porcini


Tagliata with rucola and grain     


Tagliata with black Umbrian truffle


Beef fillet
(salt and oil)


Fillet with porcini


Fillet with black Umbrian truffle

Green pepper fillet (cooked in pan)


Gorgonzola fillet (cooked in pan)


Scamorzette with black Umbrian truffle




Semifreddo hazelnut with crispy chocolate


Chocolate cake with caramel pistachios


White truffle with heart to coffee


Black truffle with creamy cream


Sweet of home


Condit ricotta (raisins, pine nuts, honey and cinnamon)


Tozzetti & VinSanto 





Sagrantino passito €35.00    

(al bicch. €5.00)

Ciliegiolo passito €35.00

(al bicch. €5.00)

Vin Santo

(al bicch. €3.00)

Grechetto passito €35.00

(al bicch. €3.00)